About Green Oak Systems

Green Oak Systems, L.L.C. (“Green Oak”) was founded in 2009 to provide storage related consulting services to end users and Value Added Resellers (VARs). We often engage in a subcontractor role to provide storage specific services for select high tech companies.

We are a small storage consulting firm that typically works with a single client at a time, so you can be sure you have our full attention. Our services can help your organization maximize return on investment in people, processes, and technology. We are based in Colorado/USA, and deliver professional storage services worldwide.

Why are we named Green Oak Systems?

Green:    Green Oak is proud to be a green, eco-friendly company and we support sustainable growth. Learn more about our sustainability here:    Sustainability page

Oak:   The Oak Tree represents strength, wisdom, and long life. These are some of the qualities we strive for in our systems and consulting work.

Systems:    We take a holistic approach to our consulting work, helping our clients discover how to better integrate storage systems into their business environment in a systematic way.