Trade Groups

Storage Related Trade Groups and Associations.

Various trade groups promote the use and standardization of common storage technologies. An overview of the more common ones and links to their websites are provided here.

The Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) is an association of producers and consumers of storage networking products, whose goal is to further storage networking technology and applications.

The Fibre Channel Trade Association is an industry trade group that promotes use of Fibre Channel (FC).

The SCSI Trade Association (STA) promotes the use of SCSI and establishes standard terminology, trademarks, and promotes vendor inter-operability.

The Small Form Factor (SFF) committee is a trade group formed to develop interoperability specifications.

Serial ATA International Organization (SATA-IO) is a trade group promoting the SATA standard. It has replaced the previous Serial ATA Working Group. The SATA standard has largely replaced parallel ATA and the older AT/EIDE interfaces..

IEEE 1394 Trade Association  represents manufacturers of using the IEEE-1394 high speed serial interface, also known by the brand names FireWire, iLink, or Lynx. The IEEE-1394 standard has largely replaced parallel SCSI.

Here are the website links to all of the above, and more:         Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA)      Fibre Channel Trade Association         SCSI Trade Association (STA) SFF Committee     Serial ATA International Organization         IEEE-1394 Trade Association         FiberAlliance, led by EMC