Green Oak Systems, LLC (“Green Oak”) is a small data storage consulting firm providing consulting services to select High Technology companies. Our services can help your organization maximize return on investment in people, processes, and technology related to data storage.
Would you like an expert to help you with NetBackup or TSM? Are you migrating data to or from VxFS, QFS or SAM-FS? Need assistance with AIX, Linux, or Solaris? From ACSLS to ZFS, we offer data consulting services from A to Z to help you.

We partner with premiere data storage industry leaders and experts to help you store and access data efficiently and safely. An experienced perspective can save you money and time in managing your data storage needs. We invite you to take advantage of the expertise we can offer.

Check out our services here, and let’s discuss how we can help you meet your business and organizational goals.

Contact us today. We look forward to our partnership and success!